Friday, December 2, 2011

NaNoWriMo Update

Really? November is over already? It went by in a blur. And not because I spent the whole time in a writing flurry. Remember I said that it was National Novel Writing Month? No? Well, I kind of forgot too.

I was solid for the first three weeks. Then I encountered a variety of setbacks. I became somewhat blogobsessed. In a misguided effort to become super blog popular, I twiddled away a lot of writing time doing nothing. When you have a full time job, are attempting to write a novel, still require a social life then on top of that are trying to increase your blog followers from 12 to 1000, something has to go. And for a bit...that was my writing. Shame on me.

Then I realized I was behind on my word count. And in a normal situation, I could have managed it. I could have pounded out a couple thousand words in time. However, excuse time, I got the strep--aches, chills, nausea and a tonsil the size of a tennis ball. And as if being sick weren't bad enough, it stole my imagination. It was horrible.

I failed. November ended and my word count was probably around 35,000. Not bad. But not the goal either.

However, can we please not forget the 75,000 words I wrote in three weeks in October? That was impressive. Sure it is a super cheesy book about vampires that I am told has a few too many kissing scenes--still--that's a lot of words.

December. Winter has officially begun. For this month, we have Christmas and new years to prepare for. But after that, all that awaits us are three long months of bitter cold--hats, gloves, unattractive down jackets, excessive amounts of static cling and snow. And for me--hot cocoa, a few good books and writing.

So, my NaNoWriMo may not have been a success. But it wasn't a failure. We only fail if we give up. And even then, as long as others believe in us, we still have hope.

And on November 30, 2011 at 7:45 p.m, my dear friend Britta told me that I am going to make it. Though she has never read any of my WIPs, I have decided that she is absolutely right.

I am energized. Ready to beat the winter with nothing but my pen and imagination. Except I never use pens, because they make my hand cramp. So there will be no pen. But there will be lots of imagination. And maybe some furry boots. And fleece lined mittens. And wool socks. And my lap desk. And warm bevies. And Christmas cookies. And the smell of pine. And worlds within wardrobes. And Mrs. Weasley's knit sweaters. And Love Actually.

I am ready to face winter. Bring it.

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