Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Riding Adventure

“Tell me what it's like. The race."

"What it's like is a battle. A mess of horses and men and blood. The fastest and strongest of what is left from two weeks of preparation on the sand. It's the surf in your face, the deadly magic of November on your skin, the Scorpio drums in the place of your heartbeat. It's speed, if you're lucky. It's life and it's death or it's both, and there's nothing like it.” 

― Maggie StiefvaterThe Scorpio Races

After reading The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater (Oh, you want to read it too! Want to win a copy? Enter my giveaway! Go here), I decided that I wanted to ride the horses like Puck Connelly and Sean Kendrick. Swoon worthy Sean Kendrick. I really just wanted to ride a horse with Sean Kendrick. But, he is fictional. Schucks. 

Though riding with Sean on the Island of Thisby was unattainable, riding a horse was not. Thus, I joined my family on a trip to the stable where I mounted our stallion, Dawson, and rode him like the champion I wish to be. By which I mean that I rode him slowly, really slowly, with a panicked look upon my face. Perhaps a great Scorpio Racer I am not. However, I am a Scorpio. That's got to count for something, right? 

Regardless, it was still fun to live out an adventure in real life, even if it was on a much smaller scale than that of the book world. And to spend the afternoon with my family (people who are not fictitious).

Some dreams are not destined to come true, which is why we make new dreams -- attainable dreams -- and let the others come to fruition at night while we are asleep or while we travel through the pages of a really great book.  


  1. This was such a fun post! My coworker has been raving to me about Scorpio Races, and since I, too, am a Scorpio, I think I shall have to read it soon.

  2. I love photography and sharing personal pictures. Thanks for this:)


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