Monday, January 23, 2012

Book Review - Fallen In Love

Fallen In Love (Fallen # 3.5):
 by Lauren Kate

(Goodreads summary)
Library Binding, 160 pagesExpected publication: January 24th 2012
by Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers
What makes your heart race a little faster? Just in time for Valentine's Day, it's FALLEN IN LOVE, four wholly original new stories collected in a new novel set in the Middle Ages by Lauren Kate. FALLEN IN LOVE gives fans the much-talked about but never-revealed stories of FALLEN characters as they intertwine with the epic love story of Luce and Daniel. The stories include: Love Where You Least Expect It: The Valentine of Shelby and Miles , Love Lessons: The Valentine of Roland; Burning Love: The Valentine of Arriane; and Endless Love: The Valentine of Daniel and Lucinda.
The story of Daniel and Luce is not necessarily everyone’s favorite. I however fell in love with the Fallen Series this past summer and have since been eagerly awaiting Rapture, the fourth and final book in the saga. Thankfully, the dreadful waiting period has been graced with an in between book, Fallen In Love, a compilation of four love stories of some of our favorite characters in this series. As a fan of these books, I thoroughly enjoyed this addition.  

Everyone loves a good romance and Daniel and Luce’s love is pretty epic. It appropriately dominates the focus of the series; however, as we follow their love, one can’t help but wonder about the stories of the other characters. Fortunately, Lauren Kate was well aware that us fans would enjoy reading more!

For me, this book does not further the series, but it is a positive addition nonetheless. I was very glad to see that Miles was not left to wallow after Luce but given his own little love story. And as the spunky sidekick, Shelby was definitely worthy of his affection. They were charming and in the series of bizarre occurrences, refreshingly normal. It was cute to see how their story progressed while Daniel and Luce were busy chasing the past. And as the loveable fallen angels from opposite sides, I enjoyed learning more about Roland’s past and Arrianne’s.

Overall, this is an adorable quartet of love stories. Appropriately coined a book for Valentine’s Day, if you are looking for a simple and quick love story, this is the book for you. It won’t blow you away, but it will warm your heart.

Rating: 3.3/5

(Thanks to netgalley and Delacorte Press Books for providing me with this book for review.)


  1. i think this is a great idea, and i'm hoping to read it soon!!

  2. I loved this book so much, I felt like I can relate to alot of the events in the main charachters life and I will have no problem reading it again. It's thrilling, Edgy and Unforgettable, Lauren Kate is my favorite author of all times.

  3. I own books 1-3 on the fallen series. Can't wait to read them. Such gorgeous covers! And glad to hear you liked this one :) The cover is amazeballs!

  4. This series is sitting on my shelf. I"m genuinely waiting until I can read the whole series and not wait for the last book to read them, but I've heard nothing but good things about the series. I can't wait.


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