Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Month of Movies and Mania

The Academy Awards 

Usually, on the night of the Academy Awards, I host a party and print out a ballot for each of my guests. We cast our votes then follow along with the program. I have found this makes people actually care who wins such awards as Art Direction and Documentary Short. My guests enjoy the competition. They like having an investment. And I like having the company on my all time favorite night of the year!

Last year, I managed to watch all of the movies nominated for Best Picture. It was exhilarating watching all of those different types of films--pretending like I was an extreme movie buff!

Unfortunately, seeing every movie is not always possible. Thus, I shall provide my high quality insights on the films nominated this year.

Now, I will warn you. I am a pro. I took a film class in college, which pretty much means I am a film expert. Yup. I know everything there is to know about long-shots, filtered lighting, and you know -- other film related things.

Okay, maybe I am not a pro. I don't really know how to decipher different elements, but I can tell when I've enjoyed a movie and when it is noticeably well made. Which means, I will consult some of the real movie buffs to give more insight then, I didn't like this movie because there was no love story. But seriously, how can a movie be good without any love story? I'll tell you...

The Month Line-Up

Sundays: Silver Screen -- Movies of the past. 
Mondays: Music and Movies
Tuesdays: Top Ten Tuesday
Wednesdays: When Books and Movies Meet (Waiting On Books Made into Movies)
Thursdays: Teaser Trailers
Fridays: Feature Friday
Saturdays: Surprise!!

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  1. I absolutely love the Oscars! I too host an Oscar party (ballots and all). That's awesome that you saw ALL TEN movies last year!! I tried, but ran out of time. This year I have already seen five, so I may be able to pull it off. Great post!

    Krista - Nawanda Files


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