Thursday, April 5, 2012

The JEN Cleanse -- How it's going so far (1)


The JEN update

We have 4 successful days behind us and 26 more to go! And thus far, it has been going well. Though, it has only been 4 days...which means a pat on the back would be a tad premature.

We have already run into a few concerns. The biggest issue: Team JEN is already tired of the Green meal smoothies (bananas, green meal, wheat berry rejuvelac, soy lecithin, and flax seed oil). While drinking our first smoothie, we asked the question, "I wonder on which day we will take a sip of green smoothie and not like it anymore?" Answer: Day 2. Yup, on day 2, we were already disgusted by the green goop.

We have been enjoying our salads, soaked nuts, and raw bars. 

What we've noticed so far is that it is not difficult to eat intentionally. What is difficult is the text from a friend asking you if you want to have dinner and then having to decline due to "the cleanse." Of course, one can always go out and order an extremely high maintenance salad... Basically, this cleanse has cut down on our social life. So, in order to maintain our "popularity," some necessary adjustments will be made as the days go along. Mainly, we will not be quite so strict about what we can and cannot eat. This week, we've been very strict. I did have one splurge -- a soy chai latte, and it felt like I was cheating. But oh so delicious at the same time! Next week, items such as eggs and goat cheese might make the edible list. Thank goodness. I cannot eat another green meal smoothie for breakfast!

I have been spending more time writing! I did promise 30mins a day and so far I've achieved that. During a Sunday afternoon nap, I had a very detailed dream. It was about a ghost who was searching for her lost children. It inspired a new project. We shall see...

Overall...we are doing what we set out to do...eliminating the toxins from our lives. We feel good, slightly more energized and motivated!

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