Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book Review: Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock

Hemlock (Hemlock #1) by Kathleen Peacock

Hardcover416 pages
Published May 8th 2012 by Katherine Tegen Books

Mackenzie and Amy were best friends. Until Amy was brutally murdered. 
Since then, Mac’s life has been turned upside down. She is being haunted by Amy in her dreams, and an extremist group called the Trackers has come to Mac’s hometown of Hemlock to hunt down Amy’s killer: A white werewolf. 
Lupine syndrome—also known as the werewolf virus—is on the rise across the country. Many of the infected try to hide their symptoms, but bloodlust is not easy to control. 
Wanting desperately to put an end to her nightmares, Mac decides to investigate Amy’s murder herself. She discovers secrets lurking in the shadows of Hemlock, secrets about Amy’s boyfriend, Jason, her good pal Kyle, and especially her late best friend. Mac is thrown into a maelstrom of violence and betrayal that puts her life at risk.  
Kathleen Peacock’s thrilling novel is the first in the Hemlock trilogy, a spellbinding urban fantasy series filled with provocative questions about prejudice, trust, lies, and love.
I loved this book. Absolutely loved it. I placed Hemlock on my TBR list over a year ago and had eagerly anticipated its release. Let me tell you, it was worth every waiting moment. I just devour books like this. You know the type of book that says, "Yes, there are werewolves or vampires or fairies or fallen angels in this book and as a reader you are just going to accept that as normal and love it." And as a reader you say, "yeah, totally, werewolves. Love it." Hemlock is no exception. Devoured it. Loved it. Can't wait to find out what happens next!

This book delivered on all fronts. There is not some super deep underlying message, it does not take much mental power to read, and it is fairly predictable. But sometimes that is exactly what we need in a book. A book that we can fall into the story so easily and allow ourselves to be swept away by the characters. Up until this book, I was having book commitment issues. I had a hard time getting into the stories. That was not the case with Hemlock. By chapter 2, I was so far into the story, there was no escaping.

Mac, the narrator, is great. She is entertaining, likable and relatable. Okay, more importantly, Jason and Kyle are swoon worthy. On the one hand, you have the nice guy and on the other, the moody bad boy. Sometimes in books these distinctions can be so cliche and over the top. Like the writer assumes the two characters need to be blonde and brunette in order for the love triangle to work. And well, yes, these guys are blonde and brunette, but they also have a lot of layers to them. Alright, alright. They are just hot. And Mac is a very lucky girl. All three of them are strengthened by their wit. I love witty characters.

Hemlock is a mixture of paranormal, suspense, romance and a bit of humor. What more can you ask for?

Recommended for fans of The Hush, Hush Saga and The Vampire Academy. 

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