Friday, June 29, 2012

A week in the life (3)...

Bittersweet - sweet = Just plain ol' bitter.

Last weekend was spent lavishly. It was lived to the fullest and mainly focused around one of my favorite people, Britta King. She and her husband, Dan, moved away this past Monday. And what do you do when someone is about to leave Chicago? Well, you live it up. This means shopping downtown, drinks at rooftop bars, late evenings on porches and going away parties. Also...lots and lots of packing. But many hands make light work. And even when packing, it was still great to spend some final moments with them.

As a result, this week has been difficult. I think the sadness of friends moving away combined with long work days lent itself to a few tears.

But though the days were long, the evenings were great. Monday was the Bachelorette. Tuesday was dinner with some Swedish friends, Hilda and Erik. Wednesday was a night well spent -- going to favorite cafes, dancing to some John Horton, and taking a late night bike ride to the beach.

And the fun has only just begun! On the agenda for this weekend:
Thursday: Helping another friend pack (insert sad face here).
Friday: Magic Mike (see trailer below). 
Saturday: Li'l Sis is in town for the evening.
Sunday: ? 
Then only two days of work before I fly out to Tulsa on the 4th!! 

I will just leave you with this little treat...


  1. Three cheers for living life to the fullest!

  2. Bitter indeed. I'm counting on magic mike to bring some sweetness back into our lives.


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