Monday, October 15, 2012

Back From the Abyss

Whoo. Long time no blog.

One might assume I've been living a dangerous, adventurous, and altogether busy lifestyle since my last post. And that is a good assumption that I will allow you to continue to assume. Go ahead and picture me skydiving, working as a trapeze artist in a traveling circus, or on a walk about across Australia. They couldn't be further from what I have been doing, but for those who know me, I'm sure it would be a very entertaining image.

In actuality, my life has been moderately lackluster. Turns out, it only takes about three hours for unemployment to get old. But by week 2 of sleeping in late, drinking coffee while watching talk shows, and spending the day doing nothing at all, it becomes a state of being that seems almost impossible to break free. It is suffocating.

So, to rid myself of my rut, I took a hiatus and returned home to Tulsa in hopes that I could learn to breathe again.

To quote Dorothy, "There is no place like home."

Some days were still spent sleeping in late and watching marathons of awesome television shows. But other days were spent dipping my toes back into the work world. I babysat, worked at my church's daycare, and did some freelance writing.

I kept busy. I devoured books. Drank lots of starbucks lattes. Watched too much television. Spent time with my gargantuan puppy. Cut my hair off. Fell in love with country music. Visited my grandparents. And decided that neither Kristen Stewart nor a bad script can deter me from loving any movie starring Chris Hemsworth.

As with anything, eventually it is time to return to real life. And so I have...

I've returned to Chicago refreshed. And the main thing that needed an overhaul was my imagination. Somewhere in the mix of ending my nannying job, looking for a new job and other set backs, my imagination seemed to dwindle. I didn't read. I didn't write. And my ability to daydream was prohibited by the incessant need to worry about my future.

Thank goodness for...
-My family and their unconditional support.
-The Tulsa Library for providing me with stacks of books to help me return to the world of make believe that I love so much.
-God who always leads my life in the right direction even when I try to fight it.
-And for the ability to breathe again.

I'm back. 

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