Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Month in Review

You would think by the umpteenth time I have the need to start a blog post with: SO LONG TIME NO BLOG that I would maybe just give up on blogging altogether. That's never going to happen...

A month in review...

This has been a crazy, fantastic and busy month in my life. You would think that the life of the self-employed might be a little less hectic. Let me just say, it is a great time to not be bound by the 9-5.

I've been back in Chicago for about a month. I returned with one goal--to write. It has been slow going. My apartment has never been so clean and the dishes more consistently washed. I've developed a multitude of television obsessions. The Vampire Diaries, New Girl, Chicago Fire, Nashville, Revolution, and the Mentalist. And I seem to be taking a road trip every weekend.

Some days I write a lot only to erase it all the next day.
Some days I write nothing.
Some days I write creative non-fiction short stories that nobody will ever get to read.
One day I wrote the world's worst country song.
Some days I read all day.
Some days I wind up watching too much tv.
Some days I return to life as a nanny only to be reminded why I left it.
Some days I scowl at the freelance writing project I got myself trapped in.

And then some days, like yesterday, I wake up from the perfect dream and throw down 6,000 words.

It has been a crazy month. A lazy month. And the perfect month.

It started with a wedding (A&K) in Omaha...

I had a birthday somewhere in there...

Roommate cousin and I took a weekend trip to Michigan. We read, we read, and we read--by the fire. 

Then we went to Minneapolis to spend a pre-baby weekend with the home team.

We had some Canadian visitors -- Seashell and Cleats&geeks. 

And of course...lots of this in between.

It has been a good month.

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