Monday, December 17, 2012

The Baby Fever

I'm in trouble. I've recently fallen very ill with a disease. The symptoms are unrelated to most other diseases. This is a disease that I like to call, the Baby Fever.

Symptoms include:
1. Inability to stop staring at other people's children.
2. The need to speak in a high pitched voice.
3. Pinterest searches under "cute babies" and/or purchases of Anne Geddes coffee table books.
4. Holding any small baby you can get you hands on.
5. And dangerously considering getting a puppy as a stand in.

If you suffer from the above, then you are blessed.

However, there are dangerous side effects one needs to be aware to avoid:
1. Don't get a puppy. (Unless you really want one.)
2. Don't ask a stranger to hold their baby. They don't like that.
3. Don't make a pinboard of pictures of other people's kids. Kind of creepy.
4. Don't pretend to shop in a baby store as though you have a baby of your own.
5. Don't coo at anyone over the age of 5.

There is no cure for this disease. The more you hold a small baby in your arms, the worse it gets. And it only gets even worse when you see their brilliant smile.

Should I have the Baby Fever for the rest of my life, I shall be a very happy person.

Though they are the disease, they are also the medicine.

I'm so grateful for this year of 2012 that brought two perfect and adorable little lovely loves into my life.  I'm so excited to watch them grow up (but not too quickly). And to be a part of their lives. I am so happy to see two wonderful couples bring something amazing into this world. Luckiest children ever.

So, if you have the Baby Fever, take a moment to look at these beautiful smiles. (But don't go pinning them.)

(Prince Charming - Knight in Stripes)

(Princess Evs - My fairy goddaughter) 

Those smiles are enough to remind us why this world is worth fighting for. 


  1. I love this. I know several people with baby fever.

    They are definitely cute.

  2. 1)You're welcome to come get your fix any time. Colin is still smiling a ton and now laughing even more.
    2)I recommend a puppy in the meantime!!! Who doesn't Love dogs?


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