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So...I've been job searching. Kind of. I spend a considerable amount of time each day looking at online postings and pondering the course of action. And by considerable I mean about 2-3hrs. It is a start. I also spend a lot of time in self-reflection considering what it is that I want to do. And then the rest of the time completely ignoring my own future and working on my characters' futures. 

What do I want to do? 

The obvious answer is, I want to write. I don't really want to be a full-time freelance writer who winds up getting projects writing about things that I don't feel comfortable writing about. I want to be my own writer. To write the stories that I love. Unfortunately, this isn't a lucrative job. At least until HarperTeen or Simon and Schuster realize that I am a YA book genius and thus need to be their next BIG seller. 

In consideration of the fact that I want to write, the job I would like to have should be part-time. 

Part-time jobs could be in just about any field I suppose. So then the next stop is deciding in which area would I not mind having a part-time job. 

The things I love: books, movies, babies/children, free-time, television, fashion, crafting, fishing (haha, got you there). 

Jobs I've considered working: 
- I've considered working in a book store. Only problem here is that customer service/retail may or may not be my strong suit. Though, my love for books could be enough for me to be a convincing book seller. Only, my focus is really specific. 
- I've considered being an actress. Usually this leads to me falling in love with a young, hot hollywood star. And then I realize that this is a fantasy world. And totally not an option.  
- I've considered working at Michael's. I love crafting supplies. But that strange cinnamon scent that overwhelms the place gives me a headache. 
- I've considered becoming a doula. Then I read somewhere that they only make about $5,000 a year. Also, I've never birthed a child nor witnessed a childbirth. 
- I've considered working at a daycare. Unfortunately, all of the ones I would want to work at are always in the suburbs. 
- I've considered going back to school. But, I really am not a fan of school. So if I go back, I will be asking far more important questions than these. And I kind of need a job to help get me there. 
- I've considered abandoning life and traveling to South America to fulfill my wanderlust. Unfortunately, traveling alone sounds unideal. I'm afraid of snakes and spiders and birds. I don't own any vagabond traveling girl clothes. And I get lost in the city that I've lived in for eight years. So imagine me in Venezuela. 
- I've considered being an event planner. But this is just not a field you easily break into.  
- I've considered being a hostess at a restaurant. But, I don't like working abnormal hours. And I don't like the idea of working in a restaurant. 

Where does this leave me. Well, I'll tell you that it leads me to all of the nanny sites that seem to have the only job descriptions I actually want to apply for. I rode the nanny train. It was great, but I chose to get off. Then I rode it again, and I got off really quickly. Oh that nanny train...I hear it coming down the tracks with lullabies and sweet smiles...

I guess I should listen to this desire. Not as far as nannying goes necessarily, but I like working with children. It can be really hard. Yet the most rewarding. Maybe working with kids calls me because it is familiar. It is part of the known in my life. Or maybe I cling to it, because I really love it. I do really love it. Remember that post about my baby fever!? (The Baby Fever)  

Who knows!?!? In the meantime. I will keep hunting. And, I will keep writing. 

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  1. I'm in a similar position, trying to find a job which won't interfere with my writing! I've decided to try and find work in publishing even though it's hard to get into, so I can work with the books I love reading!


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