Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Letting out the breath...

Alright Ladies and Gents! It is official. I am employed again. And finally, I can let out the breath....

So, it found me again. The whistle that sounds like lullabies and compartments filled with sweet giggles. No, not the Hogwarts Express. The NANNY TRAIN. I just love riding it. And I'm going to be riding it part time so that the other part, I can write!

I'm super excited. Like before, don't expect to find any pictures of the child here on this blog. She will get a nickname. And for all you know, I might actually be a member of the HFPA.

To get me through these not so hard times, I became a huge fan of inspirational quotes. So if you are feeling a little lost, discouraged or just like inspirational quotes...here are a few for you...

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  1. congrats on the new job. may you enjoy this particular nanny train AND get lots of writing done!


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