Monday, January 7, 2013


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week's TOP TEN:

1. I set a lofty goal to read 100 books last year. I fell waaaayyyyy short. So this year, my goal is 1 book a week. That's 52 books in the year. And I think I already have over 52 books on my TBR list. I better get cracking...first up Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. I am so into Zombies. 

2. Attend a book conference. I've always wanted go to one of these, but for some reason they intimidate me like whoa. But my love for YA books should not hide under a bushel...NO. And a conference where hundreds/thousands/millions of other fans are congregated...sounds like a great place to be. 

3. Attend a few of my fav authors' book signings. Every other day, a wonderful author is nearby. As an aspiring author myself, I've got to meet these fine ladies and gents. I will probably be the girl in the back corner who comes in late and leaves early while managing to avoid all eye contact. But I will be there. 

4. BLOG a book review once a week! Since I'll aspire to read a book week, I should also aspire to tell you all how I felt about it. Seems logical. 

5. Keep up to date with the New York Times Bestsellers. As a book aficionado, it is embarrassing when someone asks you if you've heard of like the most popular book on the market and indeed you have not. 

6. Finish maybe one, two, three, or etc. books of my own. I thought letting people read a book that I had written would be terrifying. Thus, I have managed to keep them all out of the finished range. Turns out, it is kind of fun having family tell you that they actually think it is good (and I have some very honest family members who would tell me the truth if they didn't like it). So...I'm going to try and finish some more!! 

7. Swankify my room with an awesome bookish reading nook. There is nothing more peaceful than being surrounded by books. This is how I want to live and sleep for the rest of my life. 

(not my room...yet)

8. Stop buying so many books and utilize this magnificent place called the Public Library.  Sometimes a book is underwhelming yet totally worth reading. Meaning, not worth paying the $20 hardback or $10 ebook fee. The library is where I ought to be. 

9. Watch less TV and read more. So, having the internet at my apartment is fantastic. But it places too many excellent shows at my fingertips and some subpar shows also. A few unfortunate shows are just going to suffer the pain of my knife and get CUT. 

10. Read and watch all of the YA books that are becoming YA movies this year. Amongst them are some of my favs and most likely to become favs...The Mortal Instruments, Warm Bodies, Beautiful Creatures, the Host, etc.



  1. In your defense, there's a lot of crap of the NYT Bestseller list. And author readings are the best! I try to go to a few every season and never regret it.

  2. Great list and very admirable. I like the wide variety you have. Good luck with all your goals. (Do finish your books!)

  3. I understand about the library. Sometimes it's easy to forget we have that magical place that gives us free books. Great goals and good luck accomplishing them.

    Here's mine

    ~Danica Page
    Taking It One Page at a Time

  4. I love the whole reading nook idea. I so need to do that also. Great list. Feel free to

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  5. Such a good list my big one is to start a book club online/local not sure yet and I'm thinking we'll read the books that are becoming movies because there are SO many great ones coming out this year and I love a good book party :)
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  6. I definitely relate to a lot of your list, especially the library part. I live in a place with a decent to good library system that just screams "Use me!", and yet I haven't had a library card in years. It's rather silly, because I could save *so* much money by checking out books from the library instead of just buying all the time. Plus, the public library has a pretty good online reservation system, so I have no excuse.

  7. NUMBER 10!! Such a great goal! Definitely a good idea to read before you watch. I can never read a book when I've watched the movie beforehand. It's almost like information overload when I get to the book. Too many prejudices. But watching the movie is so much better after reading the book. So weird!

  8. I love the NYT list goal. I'm not as ambitious as you - I'd never be able to read most of them. But I think I should have the goal of at least keeping up with reading the list and knowing what books are popular at the time.

    The library goal is another one that I love and should keep myself.

  9. Yes, I'd love to live in a place like that :D

  10. you have some great goals! aw i always write "books" too but have never finished one yet. but not because i'm afraid to show people, but because i either don't like the idea any more or because I don't know what should happen next to keep the suspense :(

    and i too want a bookish nook in my room *.* xx

  11. Hey, you know there's this site called Wattpad.. It's pretty popular and many people post and read stories there. Try it out, it might help you know what people think about your work :)

    Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your reading room! It seems so comfy and cozzy! Goodluck with all your goals! :D

    My Bookish/Blogger Goals

  12. I love all your goals! I use the library for the exact reasons you listed- because it is so much cheaper! I also really like you goals of creating a reading nook. I wish I had the space to do that.

    You can check out my TTT on my blog, if you want

  13. Great list! I want to go to a book conference and author signing too so I hope you make it! And the library is definitely a great place to be :) I put books on hold every week!

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  14. Watch less TV is a great goal. Last year I watched a lot of TV, especially tv series & movies. This year I want to watch less aswell and read more books. Fingers crossed we can do this! ;) And there's so much junk on tv, right?

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  15. Great goals! I wish we had conferences and more book signings, the only one I went to was GRRM which I still don't know how came to be :D We're barely on the map and he visited! I nearly fainted :D

    Happy reading ;)
    My TTT

  16. Love, love, love that book nook. So cozy. I hope to attend more events this year too.


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