Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Best and Worst Dressed | Oscars 2013

Obviously my favorite part of the Academy Awards is discovering who won for best sound editing. My next favorite is the fashion...


Helen Hunt: It is called an iron.

Kristen Stewart: I don't have a problem with the dress. I have a problem with her attitude.

Anne Hathaway: You would think somebody would have said, "hey Anne, you are kind of nippin out."

Melissa McCarthy: Did she think she was showing up for prom in the 80s?

Worst Hair:
Jennifer Aniston: All it would have taken was a bobby pin.

Best Hair:
Reese Witherspoon: Wow. Serious hair envy. It took me several glances to realize the dress is ugly.

Most Adorable:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: He is so cute.

Suraj Sharma: He is so cute. 

 Quvenzhane Wallis: She is so cute.

Samantha Barks: Classy, simple and elegant.

Amy Adams: This dress is really pretty. I never said I liked her hair.

 Jessica Chastain: It took her a few awards shows to get it right. But she got it right!

Alicia Vikander: I honestly have no idea who this girl is, but her dress is gorgeous.

Zoe Saldana: I like this.

My favorite dress of the night:
Naomi Watts. 

I like the left. I like the right. Combine it together and I really like this dress. 
This metallic look was very popular this award season, and I think Naomi Watts really pulled it off.

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