Thursday, February 21, 2013

Movie Review | Life Of Pi | Best Picture Nom

Life Of Pi

I did not want to see Life Of Pi when trailers first started surfacing. And then it was nominated for the Oscar and I was like, oh shoot, now I have to see it. A movie about a boy stuck on a life boat with a tiger? Nuhuh was my initial reaction. 

Then I watched another preview and I realized, okay, there might be a bit more than meets the eye.

Wowza. There is a lot to meet the eye! 

This movie is visually stimulating. Even in regular ol' 2-D it was incredible to take in. The visuals in this movie are unnerving, breathtaking, spectacular, and jaw dropping. 

The whole movie made me anxious. I let out a few gasps and oh jeeps. It was afterwards in reflection of the movie that I realized, that was probably the intended effect. To make us nervous. To create a fear in us. To make us reach for a higher power. To have us on the edge of our seats invested in the lives of this boy and a tiger.

I am not going to get to into it for you because I have an apartment to clean and a party to prepare for...whoot all I can say is that this movie is beautiful. It really should win an award or two. And one of them should most definitely be Visual Effects...Hello. Breathtaking.


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