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Movie Review | Lincoln | Best Picture Nom

Alrighty blog followers. So there is this movie called Lincoln. Supposedly it is really good. But let me just say I like movies with the following criteria: romance, cute guys, witty dialogue, suspense, and an interesting plot.  I don't like movies about: history, old men, politics, boring plots, loquacious dialogue, and boring old men.

All that to say, I did not like Lincoln. But...I recognize I have particular tastes. So, I have asked Roommate Cousin a fan of history and presidential talk to grace us with a guest post.

So, enjoy.

Lincoln a Review
by Elisabeth Roommate Cousin
I've always been a history buff. Examples include but are not limited to: reading informational books on the Titanic, not because I loved Leo but because I was fascinated with the early 1900s, reading Revolutionary War era historical fiction to no end, and owning National Treasure. I love any piece of artwork that transports me to a different time period because I get to live in the golden days for one moment. I get to see what they saw and feel what they felt, helping me to better understand the footprint they left in history. 
I was completely captivated by Lincoln. The film immediately transported me to the 1860s. I saw the Civil War battlefields scattered with the men of this nation fighting against their fellow brother. I felt the unimaginable pain our country was experiencing. But above all else I understood the man, Abraham Lincoln. I've learned of his great deeds since childhood, but I never fully comprehended his perseverance and character until I saw him played by Daniel Day Lewis. I left this movie filled with a sense of true loyalty to Lincoln as well as a new-found disgust for John Wilkes Booth.  
This movie will move you, humble you, and inspire you to do your part in changing history for the greater good of this nation.
Thank you, well said.

I believe she also said that she wishes they would make a movie similar to this about all of the presidents! We can only hope...that she doesn't ask me to go see them with her.

She is right though. This movie is a beautiful homage to the man who fought with words and perseverance for something he believed in for something he knew was right for our country.

This movie is fantastic. I just didn't like it.  Daniel Day Lewis for the win!! And maybe Stephen Spielberg for his directing...


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