Thursday, February 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday | Academy Awards in Years Past

This year marks the 85th Academy Awards Presentation. 

Over the years, there have been many wonderful moments...

And those moments are made even better played with a Beirut song.

The first Academy Awards show I remember getting invested in was in 1997, the year of Titanic. I was in fifth grade and living in California, near where the big production was held. I remember sitting in my living room taking notes. I wrote down every award that Titanic won that evening. I've been an invested watcher ever since.

My favorite moments over the past years...

Of course, when Celine Dion belted out the 90s best ballad, My Heart Will Go On. I will never forget that moment she nearly ripped the heart of the ocean off her neck...

Then there was that year I watched with my eight roommates, hometeam and some garlicky mediterranean food in the basement of my college campus house.

It was the year that Hugh Jackman graced the screen with his beauty. Both he and Anne Hathaway foreshadowed the future of musical theater.

This number shows just why they both deserve their nominations for their roles in Les Mis.

This is my favorite Oscars moment. As a true fan of musical scores and contemporary dance, it was beautiful to watch them combined on my favorite award show.

Sometimes people can get too serious at the Oscars. So it is always a relief when they let funny people be funny to lighten the mood. And nobody does funny quite like Will Ferrell and Jack Black.

I've always loved the commercials they have leading up to the awards. And this one is particularly memorable as Josh Duhamael and Megan Fox are in it. Two actors that will probably never receive an Academy Award.

Hey, at least they were in the promo.

So many memorable moments. And some very unmemorable ones...

Yeah...James Franco makes a better man trapped in a canyon than Oscar host. And Anne Hathaway makes a better toothless, bald, and dying prostitute. They have their talents...this is not one of them.

Anyway...more memorable moments to come...February 24th!

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