Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Nightly Adventure of Ernest Hemingway

Twas the night before Thursday when all through 4646,
 not a creature was stirring not even a fish. 

But a hedgehog who lives in a closet maid shelf 
had just woken for the night to entertain himself. 

He scampered. He played. He made quite a mess.
 Until he realized that if he stood on his hideout, maybe just yes.

He could reach for the top. He could pull himself free. 
He could make an escape. He could go on a spree.  

From high upon a table to low on the ground.
 When I woke in the morning, there was no hedgehog to be found. 

I searched under hideouts. And I peered under sheets. 
Just praying to discover him for a grumpy morning greet. 

"Ernie's gone," I shouted to Ebeth. I shouted with fright. 
For my special little friend had disappeared in the quiet of night. 

Where could he have gone? Where could he be? 
He must be terribly scared. He's just a baby! 

I pretended to look in fear of what might be found.
While Ebeth fluttered and searched all around. 

Not under the stove, not under the fridge, not under a shoe. 
Where could he have gone? Now what do we do?

We continued to look. We continued to call. 
When from under paper bags he was found in a ball. 

I pulled him out quickly. Though it was hard to do. 
A hedgehog gets prickly when he isn't happy to see you. 

I checked all his feet. I pulled off the dust. 
I put him back in his home and told him he must stay there. He must. He must. 

He was thirsty and tired after his great travels. 
I sat down on the couch with a cup of coffee and tried to unravel. 

He is safe. He is beat. 
He must be exhausted after that eventful feat.

Now I sit here and wonder, how did he break free? 
That must have been quite an adventure for the inquisitive Ernie. 


  1. The elusive hedgehog. Is there any chance that Ernie will become more domesticated (i.e. more cuddly) in time? I know very little about hedgehogs. More photos, please!

    1. Haha. I would guess at most he will learn to tolerate me coddling him! Hedgehogs aren't really social animals. But--they are adorable, which means there will be many more photos (if I can get him to sit still long enough)!!


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