Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Month With Ernest

A month has come and gone since adopting Ernest Hemingway into my life. He is getting so big! To celebrate our month together, Ernie was gifted with a bucket wheel. He took to it like Sonic. Now at night, I lay in bed and listen as he runs round and round. I find the sound soothing. I hear it and am reassured that he is getting exercise and that he has not escaped. 

Since I now have a month of experience as a Hedgingway owner, I feel that I am skilled enough to bestow my hedgehog knowledge. 

First thing you should know about hedgehogs: 
They like to burrow. I was under the impression that hedgehogs play. Perhaps some of them do. But not Ernie. When I take him out of his cage, he immediately tries to flee. He has found his place amongst a pile of pillows. Or he really enjoys a nice, cozy shirt pocket. 

They love oldies. Ernest's favorite record is Edith Piaf. I think it makes him nostalgic of his time spent in Paris during the days when he fell in love with Hedgeley. 

They are grumpy! This is Ernest being grumpy after I so kindly bathed him in an oatmeal bath. My efforts received me a furrowed brow. 

They like to dress up. Ernest finds it disrespectful to have company over without a bow tie on. 

They are really fast! Yeah, they look kind of chubby, but they are no W. Howard Taft! Let them have a little space and they shoot off like a rocket! This means they need plenty of exercise. Ernest enjoys a bike ride in the afternoons. 

Life with Ernest has been wonderful. 

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