Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Simple Life

So time seems to have slipped by me without any updates to this here blog. This is a good thing. I usually blog life updates when I'm unhappy with something. The lack of posts means I'm so pleasantly content.

Life has been simple these past few months. For now, simple is lovely.

After finishing (roughly finishing) my first novel, I returned to Chicago in need of a new job. I wanted part time hours. I wanted something low stress. I wanted something with consistency. And I wanted something that would make me happy.

God must have been looking out for me the day I wound up back on care.com searching for a nanny position. Even though I was NOT supposed to be searching for another nanny position! But two adorable new babies in my family had given me the baby fever. So I figured, why not just look?

I read a lovely description with part time hours nannying for a baby. I sent a little note to the parents and received one back that practically read, MFEO. I had unintentionally contacted a professor from North Park. I didn't have her when I attended, but the connection was all that was needed. Now for the past three months I've been nannying the best little (not so little) baby I could have ever asked for. Stella is six months old, off the charts and wonderful. She also lives in a very convenient location with lots of places to go and things to do. She is cuddly, laid back, and best of all -- a really great napper! If she weren't enough, her parents are equally wonderful, caring and respectful.

I miss my Layla. Layla's personality was unparalleled. But I know that going our separate ways was for the better. I was burnt out by the long days and long commute. It made it difficult to come to work 100% every day. And every child deserves 100%. Now I just have to bring 100% every other day. I learn more and more with each new position that working with kids is what I love. I like to think I'm good at it.

Aside from being completely happy in my work position, my surrounding life is great. It is a content life. A simple life. A life filled with lots of red wine, books, phase 10, and television shows.

I have my Ernest to care for. My Fairy Goddaughter to visit. My books and writing to keep me occupied. And my allergies to remind me that the winter is finally melting away, spring has come and will soon transition into summer.

I know that life holds a great deal more for me. And I will patiently wait as I happily live the simple life of today.

And I thank God each morning for what He has provided me. Tragedy seems to be striking everywhere. Friends are losing loved ones. Countries are unsettled and filled with violence; our own country is no exception. Floods and snowstorms are reeking havoc. Our political system is aggravating. And Reese Witherspoon was arrested!

In a fragile world, one never knows what will come tomorrow. So for today, I breathe in the simplicity and contentment. I will hold onto it and acknowledge what a gift it is. For today is good and I am so grateful.

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