Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

This past weekend, I had the good luck of getting to voyage to one of my favorite places in the world. Home is where the team is and now it is in a perfect town house known as the Berm. Roommate Cousin and I along with our persnickety hedgehog, Ernest, made the trek on Friday afternoon. We had beautiful driving weather. Unfortunately, the lovely weather decided to stop there. The weekend plans were made with promises of barbecues, fire pits and dinners outside under the twinkle lights. Gloom put a damper on this, but alas, we made due with each other's company, love and the gargantuan face of Nick Miller projected on a wall.

This weekend was about being together. Lots of love, snuggles and cups of coffee. As a nanny, I get to spend every other day with a wonderful Star. She however can never make up for how wonderful it is to have the smile of my fairy goddaughter beaming at me. To get to kiss her sweet little cheeks. And to watch as she grows more with each day. She is a spectacular little ball of personality. It is beautiful to experience the passion in one so small. It is so exciting to witness the adventure of her life. The nanny bond is great, but it isn't permanent. This thing I've got with Everly is permanent. She is my family and that is just so incredible.

It is wonderful to be with the people who support you. I am so blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who support my decisions. Blessed to have people who are proud to tell others I'm a writer. And people who throw Ernest into the dinner prayer because they value his presence and to them he is more than just a hedgehog. People who make me feel comfortable to be me. To sing stupidly and dance poorly and to tell horrible jokes. These are my people. I am so grateful for such wonderful, wonderful people.

The weekend always ends too quickly. The weekend spent with people you love always ends way too quickly. This time we got an extra day and yet no amount of time is ever enough.

In our world where tragedy is just a breath away, every moment is priceless. To make an incredibly cheesy analogy...every moment is like a snowflake. It is a million intricate edges of uniqueness that fall into our hands and stay there for but an instant. It melts away but its existence was so real and beautiful that the memory will never fade.

This weekend, even despite the gloomy weather, was good. It was good. It was living. It was life. Life comes with so many different sorts of moments. Some of them make us laugh, many will make us cry, but they all will stay with us and take our lives on a remarkable journey.

Life is a long winding road. Enjoy the ride.

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  1. Well. I don't have any words for this other than to tell you that I consider myself lucky beyond measure that we get to live the many highs and lows of this life with each other.


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