Friday, January 3, 2014

The Holidays are Joyful

Christmas has past and a new year has begun. As we begin to settle into the post holiday life, memories of the season live on. And what a wonderful season it was. I always love to go home for the holidays. This year, I got to travel home for a couple weeks. With Ernest along for the ride, I traveled south to warmer weather (for the most part). The vacation was complete with a visit to St. Louis, an engagement photo shoot, wedding talk, lots of baked goods, a baby and her adorable sweaters, games, wine, and family. 

This year the presence of family resonated as the most important gift of the season. My family has grown in some big ways and some small ways this year. The addition of a future bro-in-law and a pet hedgehog have added joy, as have the always perfect visits with my cousins and their young offspring. 

Though life changes around us, the one constant is our people. Those people who know us, love us, and care for us. Those people who treat us with loving insistence. 

I'm lucky for people who love me insistently. May they continue to push my life in the best of ways in 2014. 

“Be joyful because it is humanly possible.” 

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