Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oscars Recap

Sunday's Oscar presentation, though a teensy bit long, was one of the best of the past few years. The main reason, Ellen D. She did a great job of making the viewing audience feel a connection to the celebrity audience. It was like we were all best friends watching the awards together! The party was complete with a pizza delivery and a group selfie.

 Celebrities are just like us. They get hungry during a four hour long award show, too.

Amongst the winners, there were no shockers or upsets. The awards went to who they were expected to go to. The winning speeches were overall kept to a good length and nobody was awkwardly kicked off the stage. I could have done without Matthew M's lengthy speech, but I found Jared Leto's to be approachable. Okay, I'll fess up. I was drawn to his beautiful eyes. Though I was happy to have Lupita win for best supporting actress, I did miss JLaw's chance to get up and do/say something adorably goofy.

The song performances were not a highlight of this show. A children's choir backing up the songs could have greatly added. Especially in Bette Midler's song, Wind Beneath my Wings.

I was very happy to see Chris Hemsworth there to present an award. And then Chris Evans who stood in for someone else. Two of my most favorite avengers. I was glad not to see Kristen Stewart. And equally glad that James Franco decided to spend his Oscar night at home rather than on stage.

The fashion this year, albeit mildly underwhelming, was classy.

Best Dressed:  Cate Blanchett, Lupita Nyong'o, and Kate Hudson

Worst Dressed: Anne Hathaway, Lady Gaga, and Liza Minnelli

As for the party here, it was simple and lovely (to toot my own horn). I hosted a small group that consisted of a sister and multiple cousins. It was quaint, but plenty for my small apartment. We didn't run out of food or wine, which is always a good thing. And aside from Roommate Cousin who fell asleep multiple times, most of the guests seemed to be enjoying themselves (at least on the outside).

It is always a joy to share my fourth favorite day of the year with others.

Looking forward to next year!

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