Thursday, March 13, 2014

This Is What Happy Looks Like - In Los Cabos

Well, I'm back. My five day vacay came and went far quicker than I would have liked! Though it was short and sweet, it was well worth it!

The trip began wonderfully with a margarita at the airport. Then, as we flew west, I sat comfortably on the airplane watching Frozen. It was very symbolic. Leaving behind a secluded frozen world for one where the sun always shines. Okay, so it is a stretch, but it is still an amazing movie!

We arrived in Los Cabos at some evening hour and from there on out, I had no clue what time it was. I had to take a few deep breaths to calm my nerves. Arriving somewhere foreign in the dark set me mildly on edge. Would we make it to where we needed to be? Should I be nervous that we were sitting in a white van in Mexico? Fortunately, we weren't alone. We had the company of other Illinois travelers. But still, it wasn't until the unmarked van pulled up to the Barcelo Grand Faro Resort that I could finally breathe out a sigh of relief.

First impression: It was immaculate! It was also shockingly quiet.

Within the first hour, we had an amazing dinner, drank coffee and wine, lounged in a hammock, stargazed, and all in just a dress and light sweater!

Then we went to bed and woke up before the sun so that we could be on the beach when the day began.

We sat peacefully watching the sun rise over the ocean, with the sound of waves as our nature soundtrack. Then, we got to go to breakfast!

Fresh juice, fresh eggs, decent coffee, and delicious little pastries! This was just the start of the fine dining for the next couple days.

Post breakfast, we found our spot by the pool and the ocean. And from there, the day looked as such: lounge, drink, eat, repeat.

We were entirely unplugged. No cell service and no wifi. Just miles of water, a good book, and the company of other pool loungers. It was a lot of fun meeting people. Whoever happened to be in the pool chairs next to you suddenly became your good friends. For the rest of the week, we would meet up at the pool with these people and share a camaraderie. We would bounce off snide comments about the nicknamed "prostitots" hanging out on the other side of the pool. Talk about where we came from and what sort of life we had waiting for us back home. Refer to each other not by names but by place of origin, like California, Denver, and Canada. Confer with the married couples on whether the group of guys playing beach volleyball were worth our time. According to Canada, they arrived wearing beaters and tiny backpacks. Suffices to say, we stayed away. 

To sum it up. We lounged. We ate. We drank coffee, margaritas, fresh juice, and more coffee. We read. We slept.  And then we woke up and sat down on the beach to do it all over again.

Vacation is over. Silver lining is that Spring is not too far away now. I have a light tan (and managed to not get burned) and I'm full of vitamin D. The weather in Chicago will slowly start to warm up, flowers will bloom, and then I'll head home to Tulsa where I can do exactly the same as above in the seclusion of my back yard. There's also the little gift of a wedding in May that I am so unbelievably excited for! The Cabo chapter is over, but I'm pretty sure that I have a lot to look forward to in my book of life!

P.S. Thor the Dark World was showing on the plane on the way home! It helped soothe the sore spot of leaving.

This is what happy looks like. Living each moment to the fullest. Drinking deep each and every day. Rising with the sun. Sinking your toes into the sand. Leaving with gratitude. And being grateful that what lies ahead is going to be beautiful.

Because no matter where you are, the sun will rise. 

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