Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Dreams

October. Oh October. Welcome back my dearest friend.

October is without hesitation my favorite month of the year. It is when fall comes to its prime. There are days blessed with the lingering warmth of summer. Days that give us a foreshadowing of the cozy winter months. And days that are just oh so perfectuly autumnal that they are best spent lying in a pile of fallen leaves with a pumpkin spiced something or other in hand.

Oh how I love October.

October to me is my new year. In part because it's my birthday month, and I feel a resurgence to spend the last of my so called age making amends, settling up debts, and achieving those goals that I set.

This year of my life was not spent wisely. I failed greatly at the one goal that is most important to me. My writing.

However, this year, I did obtain instafame, move to a new city, get a new tattoo, and discovered natural products. I wouldn't call it a year wasted. This age has been good to me. But as a new age quickly approaches, I feel the need for a rebirth.

So, with October brand new, I shall refocus. Put behind me misspent days and too many episodes of Scandal. And bring forth a new focus.

And I'm starting with this blog. By joining up with Write 31 days - "a writing challenge every October, every day."

Wish me luck!

Cheers to October.


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