Thursday, March 12, 2015


It is generally stated with risk comes reward. To find true courage we must take risks. To get someplace new we must take risks. To live to the fullest we must take risks. Evidently, risks are worth taking. But how do we know what is worth risking?

I'm not a huge risk taker when it comes to social agendas. Be it for work or for play, I assess all the pros and cons before entering an unknown situation. Generally, I like to avoid anything that makes me uneasy. This includes but is not limited to: large crowds, athletic events, water sports, and the circus. But there are some aspects of my life where I know--I just know--that this is a risk worth taking.

Recently, I applied for a job. Going in I thought I was interviewing to be an event coordinator, but really it was a marketing/sales position. And I thought, 'Uhoh. I'm not outgoing.' When it comes to those introvert/extrovert tests, I am 100% introvert without the added benefit of thriving in front of an audience. So, I gave the interview a worthwhile effort, but figured I wouldn't get the job. Shockingly, I did. Of course, knowing what I know about myself, I wasn't really sure they made the right choice. Regardless, I had a decision to make -- take it or leave it. A.k.a. Should I take this risk?

Initially, I took it. For about 24hrs, I climbed on board that ship sailing to sea. I bought a new pair of dress pants, wore pearl earrings, and strutted in to the office like, 'heck yeah, I got this. Starboard straight ahead.' Inevitably, what I was signing up for slowly started to sink in--to continue the ship metaphor, the boat had a leak, and I was eying the life raft. Instead of feeling excited, I had this really overwhelming panic. And just like that, it was the death of a salesman.

Thing is, the position isn't what scared me. What scared me was the time and the hard work (not to exclude the extensive overhaul on my personality) it would take in order to succeed at the company...Now, before you call me lazy, let me explain... My dream is to be a novelist. My dad recently told me that the one thing all great novelists have in common is that they've written a novel.Well, how will I ever become a great novelist (or even a mediocre one) if I don't write a novel? So when thinking about all that hard work to not only do a good job but to also revamp the personality I've had for 28 years in order to actually do a good job, while also losing the time to work on what I'm really passionate about...well, reference the overwhelming panic.

Some things are just not worth risking if they mean we lose the opportunity to take a risk on something else.

Some risks are worth taking. But some things are not worth risking. We don't have to jump off a cliff just to see if we can fly. But, we do have to pursue the things that we just know in our gut are worth losing sight of the shore.

We only have this one wild and precious life. What risks will you take?
“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.” ― Roman Payne

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